MAV Boutique Hotel 

MAV Boutique Hotel

Unbuilt | Moav Road, Arad | 11,550 sqm | 2015

At the outermost edge of Arad, six hundred meters above sea level and overlooking Masada and the waters of the Dead Sea, is a site that provides the unperturbed sensation of being in the desert’s midst.


Being at one with the desert means embracing the stunning natural landscapes, the aura of silence and its dry desert climate.

 The building aims to be in unison and harmony with its stunning natural environment – a building aimed at being integrated in the desert rather than imposed on it.


The rooms step down following the natural topography preserving the roof as landscaping desert environment that blends with the surrounding. Elaborate pools follow the rooms creating a barrier between the private and public.


Infinity pools remind the geometry typical to irrigation and define the edge of the complex towards the endless desert.

 The materials join the colors of the desert to create an endless serenity.


 designed by Bathelle Ungar